Until a new CEO has been appointed, deputy CEO Jón Björnsson will be responsible for the daily administrative tasks, in close cooperation with the management in Denmark.


The change in management is a reflection of the Board’s wish to focus on the daily operation and development of the company. According to CEO of Munck Group, Hans Christian Munck, the Icelandic market still holds great potential for a company like Munck Íslandi, specializing in infrastructure and construction.


Munck Íslandi became a part of Munck Group in December 2016 and currently employs approximately 200 people.


For further information, please contact Munck Group CEO Hans Christian Munck.



Hans Christian Munck
+45 63 31 35 35

Stefán Sigurðsson
Deildarstjóri sjó og jarðvinnuverkefna á Íslandi
842 2111

Agnar Strandberg
Deildarstjóri verkefna í Noregi
842 4749

Geir Birgisson
+354 842 2119

Hörður Gunnarsson
Innkaup og flutningur
842 4740

Guðmundur Jóhannesson